The future of educational NFTS

Inspiring and educating the future leaders of the blockchain space by providing impactful utilities and real-life value to our holders.

Hegemony seeks positive impact in the NFT industry through transparency and good business practice. Our goal is to offer a safe and trustworthy way to navigate the seas of crypto.

Holding one or more Hegemons will grant you access to our many utilities.

Hegemony collection

Hegemony is a cyberpunk inspired collection of 7777 ultra-realistic 3D-rendered avatars that will provide you with exclusive access to our growing ecosystem.

Living on the Ethereum blockchain, each NFT will grant you access to an ever-increasing utility list backed by a network of experts. Holders will also be able to earn passive income by engaging with the various ecosystem’s mechanics.

Join us and access a growing community with exponential real life value and benefits.

Join us


Virtual conferences

Your NFT will grant you access to our virtual conference space complex where experts and mentors will share curated knowledge about various topics including Blockchain, Trading/Investing, Programming, Cybersecurity, 3D Design, Marketing, and many more.

Free mentorship

Through hegemony you will have access to mentoring group sessions with experts from different fields, such as experienced traders with immaculate records to help you step up your trading game through our alpha crypto calls and technical analysis courses

Passive Income

Engaging within Hegemony will earn you tokenized rewards from our deflationary liquidity pool. You will also be able to rent your access for each upcoming venue, and even more for early investors.

IRL business seminars

Our events will gather a community of established crypto professionals, cybersecurity experts, web3.0 developers,… to help our holders connect and build future projects together.

Minting rewards

All the early investors and whitelist minters will all be eligible for physical/crypto rewards worth up to $100,000

Phygital Merch

Hegemony is preparing a high-end merch collection exclusively for its holders (sneakers, sweaters, jackets, accessories,…). Each piece of our cyberpunk inspired collection will come with its respective NFT wearable so you can rock it in the metaverse as well.


Part of the profits made from the public mint will be allocated towards supporting the education of children and teenagers in sub-saharan African countries. Our goal is to pay tuition fees for as many children as we have holders, so that every holder will substantially impact a real person’s life.


Not only will the community be able to vote on future conferences content and speakers, but we will also be able to move as an investment unit using Hegemony’s community wallet.


Our vetting system will provide you with documentation and research on upcoming NFT projects as well as other opportunities in the space. This will be the first step towards our future launchpad to promote and incubate trustworthy and impact-driven initiatives in the ecosystem.



Hedi Bel Hadj Amor (Cicada)

Founder and Project Lead

Mohamed Mnif (Seer)


Jaafer Saied (Eden)


Salmen Slimi (Envoy)

Project Manager

NFT Artist

The Genetic Designer

Ayoub Bouyahia (Reckless)

Community Manager

Amine Machfar (Damo)

Communication & Planning Lead

Hatem Azaiez (Neo)

Tech Lead

Ali Kacem (Gisou)

Metaverse Engineer

Alex Martinez


Iheb Soltana (Jett)

Metaverse Engineer

What makes hegemony unique ?

In addition to our high quality artworks, Hegemony is built by a professional team with extensive experience in consulting, trading, strategy, marketing and project management. Partaking in building a sustainable decentralized future, Hegemony aims to bring transparency, good business practices and real-life positive impact into the NFT ecosystem.

Who is behind Hegemony ?

Founded by Cicada, Hegemony is born from the hands of entrepreneurs, marketing strategists, 3D designers, consultants, and project managers. Transparency and good business practices being their core values, they’ll be strategically doxxed in an entertaining and gamified manner.

Look for hidden clues and information about the Founding Father, Cicada, and find out his real identity to get a chance to win a custom made NFT.

Cicada will be officially revealed before the private sale, followed by his team.
Find out more about this contest on discord.

How to buy our NFT ?

There will be 3 main phases for you to get your very own NFT from our collection :
Check our discord to learn more about it and find our beginner minting tutorial

When to mint and for how much?

Early investor phase date: TBD / Price : 0.1 Eth

Private Sale date : TBD / Price : 0.15 Eth

Public Sale date : TBD / Price : 0.175 Eth

What can I do with my NFT ?

Your NFT will serve you as an access card to our virtual conference complex as well as the complete hegemony Learn & Earn platform.

You will also get a second wrapped NFT that you will be able to rent as an access card for our venues and events.

Do I own the NFT after minting ?

Yes. It’s fully yours. In addition to the blockchain ownership, you can put it as a pfp, use it for your own profit, creating art, merchandise, logos, or even as a tattoo!

Where can I see my NFT ?

After minting, the NFT will automatically be dropped to your Etheurem wallet and you will be able to see it by either connecting to your metamask or to your Opensea account.

Are there secondary market royalties ?

Yes, a 7.5% royalty will be deducted from secondary sales and used in two main ways :

  • Funneled towards our liquidity pool to help increase the value of Hegemony’s token.
  • Towards our utilities and marketing campaigns to grow the project, hence the value of your NFT on the secondary market.